• Trim Those Wicks!

    Trim Those Wicks!

    We can't say it enough... TRIM THOSE WICKS ON YOUR CANDLES! Here's why:

    1. It helps to control the amount of melted wax your candle has access to.

    2. A trimmed wick allows for the candle to burn evenly. 

    3. Trimming of the wick makes your candles last longer! Who doesn't love candles lasting for a longer period of time?!

    If it's a wick trimmer you need, stop by and see us because we have two styles available. We have a rose gold one and a matte black one. If a wick trimmer just isn't in the budget for you right now, take an old pair of scissors you aren't using anymore and use those only to trim the wicks. 

    As always, if you need help, come in and see us! We would love to be of assistance with trimming those wicks and helping  you get the most out of your candles. 

    Happy Trimming!